Native Filmmakers Shoot Dystopian Drama on Pine Ridge Reservation

It’s 2085 on Pine Ridge. The reservation has been quarantined and borders guarded by the military for 30 years. Sparked by the ramifications of the Keystone XL pipeline, the war between the government and the insurgency lasted for eight years and resulted in the dystopian setting that provides the background for "The People," the inaugural project from Indigene Studios.

Based out of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Indigene Studios was co-founded in April 2014 by Willi White, Oglala Lakota, and Angel White Eyes, Oglala Lakota and Ojibwa.

“This is our way of giving back to our communities but also expressing ourselves,” White said. “Non-Natives always come here and sell the same narrative to the mainstream media. We want to change that narrative and give a voice to the stories that are already here.”

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via Indian Country Today Media Network

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Reasons I LOVE my job!

I love the human experience, this list brought to you from my first two months of full-time shelter work:

1. Asking youth how knowledgeable they are in protecting themselves against STI’s and unwanted pregnancy. Answers as followed:
i) I have a kid, what do you think?
ii) I don’t need them (body language presented like they wanted me to ask why) … Still a virgin.
iii) what’s a female (internal) condom? A long talk about birth control took place — I was in heaven.
iv) a conversation around whether or not plan B was a birth control option.

2. Calling the women they date, “Ladies of the Night”

3. Describing a pad as looking like a Joe Louie. Dead.

4. Cleaning with residents and them tormenting me with thoughts of cock roaches, spiders and worms.

5. A resident chasing me down the stairs trying to give me a hug because a) we had a discussion around boundaries b) he knows it makes me wildly uncomfortable.

6. Discussing what reality tv shows we would excel on. My winners: the Bachelor, Big Brother and Survivor. Honorable mention goes out too Bad Girls Club.

7. Secret Extensions. My white girl bun. And the fact my name is Alisha, a resident couldn’t believe I was white.

8. Actually hearing someone describe their race in percentages. Hearing a explanation of how said person explains race: a drought caused the darkening of the skin. Like what?????

9. Including me in their house community when talking about who participated in the cleaning.

10. The sincere apologies when they are short with me, or perceive themselves to be rude to me, or accidentally swear at me.

11. The conversations when they are drunk or high - why are they called u-ten-cils.

12. Being one residents “Repunzel”

13. Hearing about their dating lives.

14. The inspiration these young people give me. They are trying to navigate the complexities of this world with additionally being street-involved, and having a variety of other things on their plate.

15. That despite having hard days and days I just want to cry, and even though some days I don’t want to go in, I know I am doing what I am passionate about!

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1,200 aboriginal Canadian women have gone missing over the past 30 years. Hashtag asks #AmINext?

On Aug. 17, Winnipeg police pulled the body of 15-year-old Tina Fontaine out of the Red River near Alexander Docks.

The scope of the tragedy prompted Holly Jarret of Hamilton, Ont. — cousin to Loretta Saunders, an indigenous woman who was murdered in February at age 26 — to launch the #AmINext hashtag earlier this month.

So, what’s being done about it? | Follow micdotcom

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Roxane Gay Lists 13 Rules for Female Friendships


In “Bad Feminist,” Roxane Gay writes that there are many myths surrounding women’s relationships, those for and against them. In this excerpt from her book of essays, she maps out how to maintain these friendships and befriend other women.

Read the excerpt here.


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When I’ve had a few drinks and try to seduce my boyfriend

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If I could,
I would turn girls into dragons.

Girls whose skin
has been stained by filthy hands,
girls who are forced
to face those familiar hands
day after day,

give them armor.

Girls who are told
that womanhood means duty,
who dig
and sweat
and carry
and labor,
girls who break their backs
on someone else’s burden,

give them spiked spines.

Girls trapped in cycles:
cycles of abuse
cycles they can’t even name,
down the drain
and thrown out with the bathwater,

give them claws.

who chomp down on fear
hiding behind their teeth,
who swallow it whole
because it’s the only nourishment they’ll get,

give them razor fangs.

who thirst for knowledge
in the middle of a drought,
girls whose minds
are considered as real as their suffering,

give them fire
to burst from their mouths
in place of the words that no one hears.

whose bodies are not their own;
who are meant for decoration
and cannot decorate themselves,
who are meant for pleasure
and cannot pleasure themselves,
who are meant to be examples
and cannot exemplify themselves,

give them wings
to fly far, far away,

taste freedom in the sky,
and see it for what it should be:
a right, not a privilege.

Every girl
who is considered a possession
or a prize
or a plaything,

who lives
confined by people
who call condescension “love”
and manipulation “compromise”
and fear “respect”
and silence “consent,”

give her eyes
that strike terror into the heart
of anyone who would call her weak.

Gift girls with dragonhood
when personhood is a myth.

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This is the most beautiful poem I’ve ever read!

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Brandon Marshall

brandon marshall is a great human being tbh

dayum. nfl should be embarrassed after this.

Great! I’m just curious why a cancer charity not a mental health agency …




Brandon Marshall

brandon marshall is a great human being tbh

dayum. nfl should be embarrassed after this.

Great! I’m just curious why a cancer charity not a mental health agency …

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For those of you who dont know why im so upset let me tell you what’s happening in pakistan right now
16 days ago a man named Imran Khan and Tahir-ul Qadri lead a peaceful protest to the government to convince them to step down because he believed that the election for the prime minister was rigged he was leading a revolution he was trying to change pakistan

The protest went on for 16 days and today the people Peacefully said that they wanted to go to the prime minister house and protest there thats when the “police” (you should know that alot of the police resigned because they didnt want to harm the peaceful protesters) started firing at the INNOCENT PEOPLE they fired at the children and women so the men would have to deal with them rather than fight back 
They had CHEMICAL gas that they released at the people






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Prison tattoos without the prison time. DIY or die. Stick and Poke tattoo tutorial brought to you by The Annachrist. Yes, it hurts. Including photos of three I did to myself and one on my brother.

As someone who trained as a tattoo artist (before having to give it up due to disability) let me tell you exactly why this is a spectacularly bad idea. 

First off, you could permanently damage somebody’s skin. You don’t know what you’re doing, and no matter how safe you think you’re being with your rubbing alcohol and your gloves, you’re not. Tattoo artists go through a lot of training about blood borne pathogens and how to prevent transferring them to others, and they pay a lot of money to make sure used needles are properly disposed of. They also spend a minimum of two years as an apprentice before they’re let loose on human skin. You think a quick tutorial on Tumblr is going to give you the equivalent of that sort of training?

How are you going to dispose of that needle you use? Drop it in the trash, where some sanitation worker could end up getting needle stick? You don’t know what diseases your friend could have, and I bet you’ve no idea how long certain diseases that are carried by blood and plasma can survive outside the body.

Also, alcohol thins the blood. Your friend will end up bleeding excessively, which will make it harder to tattoo them, and will push the ink out, making it not only take longer but it will also result in uneven ink distribution in the finished piece.

Best case scenario, you end up with a home made dot work tattoo made of blobby lines. Worst case scenario, you could end up with blown out ink, an infection, an allergic reaction to the ink (yes, that can happen!), badly damaged skin, and possibly a ruined friendship. In a lot of states and countries, you’re breaking the law by giving someone a tattoo if you’re not licensed.

Do the sensible thing. Go to a professional, pay for their knowledge and expertise, respect yourself and your friends enough to know this isn’t a good idea, and don’t do this just because you saw a tutorial and thought it was cute. 

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Going on right now in Ferguson: Police are raiding a church that has been stocked with medical supplies, food, and tear gas recovery kits for community members engaging in protests. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Stand up, speak out. 

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[Image description: Tweet from Operation Ferguson (@OpFerguson). It reads: We’ve a special request from the Brown Family to the entire Internet: Please remove any pics of Mike Brown laying prone when he was shot.]


[Image description: Tweet from Operation Ferguson (@OpFerguson). It reads: We’ve a special request from the Brown Family to the entire Internet: Please remove any pics of Mike Brown laying prone when he was shot.]

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Your character falls into the “friend zone” - Is this primarily a man’s problem, or are women put in the friend zone as well? x

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Things to be thankful for…

There is that thing circulating on Facebook: write 3 positive things each day for 5 days. Well I am gone for the weekend, and will be taking a much needed social media break, so here are all of mine in one post:

1. I am so grateful to have a place I can call home. Not everyone has this luxury which I am reminded about every day. Thank goodness I was fortunate to have parents and brothers and friends who have had my back when rent was hard to make and bills were out on the back burner … Things could have looked different without those supports.

2. I am so happy that for the most part, I am able to purchase the food I want to eat. I no longer have to rely on getting food care package from my parents, or have friends purchase me a lunch/dinner because money was that tight. I never have had to rely on food banks, the generosity of strangers or fight for my share of a second harvest delivery or simply go hungry.

3. I am thankful that I had the privilege to finish high school, and to have a post secondary education. I also feel privileged that I had the opportunity to attend an elementary school that had heat and hydro and proper resources to allow for my learning. Not every child in Canada has this luxury.

4. I am grateful for the long-ish path I took to get where I am career wise. The people I have met along the way have impacted me immensely! They have taught me so much about myself and about love and life and struggle and hurt. Whether or not these people remain apart of my life, I appreciate what they have brought into my life for whatever length of time.

5. I am so incredibly thankful for the immediate family I have. My parents have always had my back. They allowed me the space to fuck up, but held me accountable. They have been unconditional supports for me despite them not always agreeing with my every decision. They love me unconditionally and as adulthood has begun to consume my life, our relationship has continued to grow and develop in such a positive way. My brothers are also my friends. They have helped me out of more than one jam when I could no longer bring myself to ask my parents for assistance, and they support my whimsical behaviour (emotionally, physically and occasionally financially). I’m so excited for what our futures hold!

6. I have the most powerful, inspiring and weird friends in the world. They “get” me, they support me, they ground me, they keep me driven and confident and they never fail to amaze me with their resiliency to life. I am pretty certain I have found some of the most beautiful and positive souls to surround myself with! They are my safe space when I am terrified and/or anxious and/or sad. They help me maintain my sanity and who knows where I would be without them.

7. I am fortunate to have found a job in my sector. But more than anything, I am so lucky to have found what I am passionate about. They said “major in something you love” and implied a job would follow. So I majored in history, and took a lot of human rights classes. I found no job, and I thought - fuck that shit, major in something that’ll get you a job. Those history and human rights classes laid the foundation for my journey is discovering my passions. I am lucky that I was able to turn what I love into a “do what you love” situation.

8. I am inspired and in awe of all the people who are doing their part - large or small to make the world we live in a better place.

9. I am also inspired by those who are open to learning and understanding the world around them. It’s hard self work to do, it’s a constant journey. Thank you to all those who hold me accountable when I fuck up and don’t check myself and my privilege!

10. I am so happy I moved to Toronto and that I have opted to start my “adult” life there. It’s a city with so much to offer people, and the experiences and people that it exposed me too is just fucking great!

11. I love that I have a bike. Biking is great! I love that I have a cheap and reliable mode of transportation to get myself around. I’m also happy that I now know how to use the bus racks for bikes so I don’t have to bike in storms!

12. I am stoked to be getting out of the city and going camping with some of my favourite people from Ingersoll! I cannot wait for Caesars and beer and food over a campfire and silliness!

13. I am so happy with the person I have grown to be / am growing to be. I am amazed by my personal growth and my experiences. I am in awe of my own resiliency and strength. I am finally comfortable in “weakness” and have a new understanding of those feelings and I am so much more comfortable in my own skin than I ever was in my life.

14. I am a little grateful for some sense of stability in my life for the next year. But I am more excited for what my financial state will look like in a year and what possibilities exist with some freedom!!!! Aus here I come? South America? Cross-Canada tour? I have goosebumps!

15. I am so appreciative of all the people in my life that have allowed me the space to grow, and to explore who I am. Outside of my family, my most dearest fiends: Maggie, Court, Sammy bean, Sonya, G, and most recently MG! These bad ass babes have listened to me as I work out and explore my politics, my liberation and empowermen and my sexuality, in a safe and warm space!

And there you have it!